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COVID-19 Relief Fund

Get Style & Give Back. 20% of sales on these products will be donated to a charity of your choice benefiting hard-hit victims of the COVID-19 Crisis in New York City & Los Angeles. Choose to donate to the NYC Mayor's Fund COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund or to CalFund's COVID-19 LA County Response Fund.

NYC was my home for many years and the city where I launched Dea Dia. I will always be deeply connected to it and thankful for the opportunities it gave me. My heart is quite literally broken for the city right now. Cases continue to climb daily here in LAas well, and we have some extremely vulnerable populations including the vast number of houseless people and underserved black, latinx and immigrant & poor communities which tend to get hit the hardest during times of crises. 

Your purchases help give back to the community at large as well as help support a small, woman-owned business. Thank you.