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Everything You Need to Know About Herringbone Chains

Everything You Need to Know About Herringbone Chains - Dea Dia

What is a Herringbone Chain? 

A herringbone chain is a standout jewelry piece admired for its unique pattern and timeless elegance. This guide explores the history, design, variations, and styling tips for herringbone chains, helping you understand and appreciate this distinctive chain style.

History of the Herringbone Chain

Ancient Origins

The herringbone chain's history dates back to ancient Egypt, where craftsmen first developed the technique of weaving metal into the characteristic V-shaped pattern. This design gained prominence due to its intricate craftsmanship and the refinement imparted to jewelry pieces​.

Evolution Through Cultures

Throughout history, the herringbone pattern has appeared in various cultures, including ancient Rome, where it was known as the "Roman weave." It saw a resurgence during the Renaissance, particularly in Italy, known for its advancements in art and craftsmanship. The chain gained renewed popularity in the 20th century, especially during the Art Deco era, and remains a beloved choice today for both men and women​​.

Herringbone Chain Necklace in Silver by Dea Dia

Design and Structure of Herringbone Chains


A herringbone chain features slanted, V-shaped links that are tightly woven together to lie flat against the skin. This structure creates a smooth, fluid texture ensuring the chain’s snug fit, and enhancing its visual appeal and comfort.

Visual Appeal

Herringbone chain designs allow them to catch the light beautifully, making them a striking piece of jewelry. Their flat, reflective surface adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Types of Herringbone Chains


Herringbone chains come in various widths and lengths to suit different styles and preferences. They are available in several materials, including gold, silver, and platinum. Additionally, you can find herringbone chains with different finishes, such as polished or matte.

Material Choices

  • Gold: Offers a classic, luxurious look.
  • Silver: Provides a sleek, modern aesthetic.
  • Platinum: Known for its durability and elegant appearance.

Advantages of Herringbone Chains

Aesthetic and Versatility

The herringbone chain is celebrated for its unique aesthetic and versatility. Its design is timeless, elevating any outfit. Its sophisticated look makes it suitable for casual and formal occasions. 


Despite their delicate appearance, herringbone chains are durable when handled properly. They can withstand daily wear and tear if maintained correctly.

Common Issues and Solutions

Prone to Kinking

Despite their beauty, herringbone chains can be prone to kinking. This occurs when the chain is bent sharply or not handled properly. To prevent this, store the chain flat and handle it gently.

Herringbone Chain Repair Tips

Minor kinks can often be smoothed out carefully, but severe kinks may require professional repair. Always seek a reputable jeweler for significant repairs. If you have issues with your herringbone chain contact us so we can assist you. 

How to Choose the Right Herringbone Chain


When selecting a herringbone chain, consider factors such as length, width, material, and budget. Ensure that the chain matches your style and the occasions you plan to wear it for. Buying from reputable jewelers ensures you get a high-quality piece. Discover our Slinky Herringbone Necklace available in 16”, 18”, and 20” chains. 

Matching Personal Style

Match the chain with your wardrobe and personal style preferences. Consider where and how often you will wear the chain to make an informed decision. For example, if you own a herringbone necklace chain, consider a herringbone bracelet to match. 

Styling Tips for Herringbone Chains

Standalone Piece

Herringbone chains can be styled in numerous ways. They look stunning on their own, adding elegance and a polished look to any outfit.


Layering herringbone chains with other necklaces can be fashionable. Mix different lengths and materials for a unique style statement. Browse our curated necklace sets for ideas on how to layer herringbone chains, or maybe our Silva Coin necklace set would suit you. 

Herringbone chains are an elegant and unique addition to any jewelry collection. Their rich history, distinctive design, and versatility make them a must-have. Explore our collection at Deadia Jewelry to find the perfect herringbone chain for your style.

FAQ Section

What is a herringbone chain?

A herringbone chain is a jewelry chain characterized by slanted, V-shaped links that lie flat, creating a smooth and flexible chain.

Are herringbone chains in style? 

Yes, herringbone chains are very much in style. Their unique design, timeless appeal, and versatility make them popular for classic and contemporary looks. They can be worn alone for a sleek, elegant appearance or layered with other necklaces for a trendy, fashionable style.

How are herringbone chains made?

It is crafted by weaving thin, flat metal segments tightly together at an angle, forming a sleek and flexible chain.

Why do herringbone chains kink?

The flat, tightly woven design makes them susceptible to kinking if bent sharply or mishandled.

Can a herringbone chain be fixed?

Minor kinks can be smoothed out carefully, while severe kinks may require professional repair. 

What materials are herringbone chains made from?

Herringbone chains can be made from gold, silver, platinum, and stainless steel.

Are herringbone chains suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, with proper care a herringbone chain can be worn daily. Avoid sleeping in it, store it flat, and handle it gently.

How do I clean a herringbone chain?

Clean with a soft cloth and mild soapy water, avoiding harsh chemicals and rough handling. You may also send your herringbone chain to be cleaned by Dea Dia Jewelry. Please contact us

Explore the elegance of herringbone chains with Dea Dia Jewelry and find the perfect piece to enhance your collection.

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