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Shop the Valentines Day Sale and say 'I Love You' with

20% off Fashion Jewelry & 10% off Fine Jewelry. No code needed.

Valentine's Day Sale

Say 'I Love You' with 20% off Fashion Jewelry & 10% off Fine Jewelry. No code needed.


Latin: Dea (‘goddess’) / Dia (‘day’) goddess of light & love / goddess of growth & new beginnings.

Day after day, layer after layer - your journey encompasses everything you are and everything you love. Fill your world with objects of meaning. Objects of self-expression. And objects that bring you a little closer to who you are.



Our newest collection of handcrafted jewelry symbolizing the connection between us all.

Abstract Jewelry for Abstract People

Embrace Your Complexities.

Through the powerful act of adornment, you can create space for self-expression, inspiration, and healing. It's not about hiding or coming to terms with who you are, it's about embracing it.

Reveal Your Intricacies.

We strive to foster diversity and inclusivity through designs and campaigns, allowing you to expose what makes you unique, unconventional and beautifully abstract. It's time to be your own muse.

Timeless. Sculptural. Versatile.


Daily Inspo

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$ 0.78
$ 456.78
$ 123,456.78