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Care Guide


  • Due to the delicate nature of handmade jewelry and the use of some vintage materials and natural stones, Dea Dia jewelry is fragile and should be handled with the utmost of care.
  • Please avoid showering, bathing or swimming while wearing your jewelry.
  • Opals, especially, should be kept away from water and dried as soon as possible should they come in contact since they are a very porous stone and water can cause them to change colors.
  • Since some of our metal is raw brass, bronze or silver, it will develop a patina over time. We believe that patina adds to the unique character of jewelry. Jewelry should be stored in a dry environment or in a plastic bag to prevent oxidation and tarnish. However, if you wish to remove the patina you can clean with a jewelry polishing cloth (we recommend Sunshine cloths)
  • For ultra brightening on brass or bronze you can drop in white vinegar for 30 seconds to remove oxidation, rinse with fresh water and then dry and polish with a Sunshine cloth. Please take care of avoiding stones or gold plated items when using this method. We provide a small sample of the yellow Sunshine Polishing cloth with each order of brass and silver rings and pendants.
  • Please note, our brass is a mixture of 75% copper and 25% zinc and is free of lead and nickel. Some people experience green discoloring on their skin from brass. This is due to the copper mixing with your particular oils and ph levels. This reaction is harmless and will wash off. We have found this reaction can be particularly pronounced in humid climates or when wearing certain hand moisturizers. This reaction does tend to diminish the more you wear the piece.
  • To minimize the discoloration, you can periodically paint the inside of your brass ring with clear nail polish or lacquer, avoid mixing with moisture and sweat, and take off before going to bed or applying moisturizer. If you don't like the discoloration, we suggest you order gold plated, sterling silver or solid gold jewelry.
  • Gold plated jewelry should not be polished with a jewelry polishing cloth or a compound as this may diminish the plating. Instead you can wipe clean with a soft damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. Treat gold plated jewelry as costume jewelry and avoid moisture and products while wearing.
  • Free repairs are offered on jewelry purchased within 6 months. After that a small fee may be charged. You are also welcome to send back any jewelry for cleaning and/or polishing for a $15 charge. Please note, herringbone chains cannot be repaired if they become kinked. Only the clasps can be replaced.

Please email hello@deadiajewelry.com to discuss.



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