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Fine Collection

Fine Jewelry Collection: An elegant and stylish collection of slow-made, ethically produced designer jewelry.

Shop our selection of women's fine jewelry handmade with precious metals and stunning gemstones. An elegant and stylish collection of slow-made ethically produced designer fine jewelry. From classic diamond solitaires to bold and colorful gemstone pieces, you'll find something that allows you to reveal what makes you unique. We also offer a variety of one-of-a-kind jewelry for those who are looking for simple engagement rings and unique wedding rings. Our unique fine jewelry collection features diamonds, opals, and other precious stones. Discover our collection of gold wedding rings or email us about a custom jewelry design so you get exactly what you've been dreaming of.


Handmade Artisan Jewelry

Our fine jewelry is handmade with only the finest materials. Our recycled metal jewelry includes 14K gold, 18K gold, sterling silver, and other solid gold options. This ensures that your jewelry will not only be beautiful and eye-catching but also durable and ethically sourced. Our sustainable fine jewelry is made in the USA with recycled metals, ethical stones, and recycled gold.

Fine jewelry is an investment that will provide you with long-lasting jewelry to be enjoyed with sustainable gemstones, cultured freshwater pearls, and diamonds on pieces like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Explore our fine collection of sustainable handmade jewelry and find your form of self-expression.

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Through experimentation and play the Intertwined Collection was born. By utilizing hands-on methods, each jewelry design was carefully hand-molded with raw materials. They were then cast into solid gold, brass, and sterling silver.

The physical connection and movement with these raw materials came to life by molding together spools of wax-like thread. Wax thread, which is more malleable than wire, gave the freedom to experiment with more complex and unique designs.

These wire-like wax strands were interconnected, braided, and fused together to create playful, fluid, and coiled shapes into unique labyrinths. Here began the concept of interconnection.

The Intertwined Collection hints at the interconnectivity between people and people in their environment. Each piece of jewelry in this collection represents the need for the support of another part or shape. Similar to the journeys we build upon through the labyrinths of our lives weaving in and out, spiraling around a central point of support.

The Intertwined Collection is modern handmade jewelry made with the most beautiful peridot crystals, braided gold, and stick pearls. Explore our labyrinth jewelry and sun pendant or choose a set of thin stacking rings and delicate gold rings. You can also discover our Serpent Rising Collection and experience our stunning gold snake necklace.

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Modern Ancients

It’s all in the details: our Modern Ancients collection is a treasure trove of elegant jewels.

Inspired by ancient history and mysticism, the Modern Ancients collection is comprised of 26 unique jewelry designs. Handcrafted jewelry consisting of strong, golden chains, contemporary hoop earrings, primitive rings, and much more. Each item of jewelry is cast with recycled metals and meticulously hand-sculpted with a distinctive organic look.

We could have divided this collection into a few smaller collections, but we wanted to go BIG as a true labor of love. Jessica Lawson hand-sculpted many of the pieces in wax, and our woman-owned caster in Downtown Los Angeles cast them in recycled yellow brass and sterling silver.

Our jewelry collections have always reflected self-expression and growth. Discover our favorite jewelry designs such as the golden snake collar, braided gold hoop earrings, tarot sun ring, 14k Ingot solid gold ring or find a beautiful gold chain with pendant.

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Ethical and Slow-Crafted Rings for Every Occasion

Dea Dia Jewelry offers a collection of elegant and minimalist rings for your everyday ring aesthetic. Enhance your daily look with our versatile collection of statement and stacking rings that include solid gold, gold vermeil, bronze brass, emerald, sterling silver, and an entire collection of handmade rings perfect for any occasion. 

We prefer slow-made women's solid gold rings and gold vermeil rings that are truly distinctive so you can add a touch of elegance anywhere you go. Our 14k solid gold rings, handmade sterling silver rings, solid gold signet rings, and dainty rings are perfect for everyday wear. Indulge in our handmade collection of mixed metal rings and express yourself.

A Versatile Collection: Unique Engagement Rings and Promise Rings

A timeless collection of promise, engagement, and wedding rings made with only the finest materials. We offer one-of-a-kind rings for those who are looking for engagement rings, unique wedding rings, elegant oval promise rings, or pinky promise rings. Choose from emerald cut engagement rings with baguettes or create a beautiful custom wedding band for a pear engagement ring. Choose from a variety of precious stones and truly make it your own.

Handmade Artisan Rings in Gold and Silver

Invest in timeless beauty with our handmade minimalist gold rings. Explore our collection of sustainable handmade rings or email us about a custom ring design and find your form of self-expression.

Discover our bestsellers including our gold wrap ring, gold signet ring, snake ring, and other serpent jewelry as well as our fine jewelry collection!

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